"All of My Friends Hate Your Band​.​"

by Things Fall Apart

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released January 27, 2013

Things Fall Apart: Cameron Boggs, Josh Pytka, Dustin Morris, Ryan Mayo
All songs written and recorded by Dustin Morris
Mixed by Josh Pytka
Mastered by Paul Hundeby.
Album artwork Cameron Boggs



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Things Fall Apart Columbus, Ohio

We are an emo band from Columbus Ohio playing music that we love.

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Track Name: You Didn't Leave Me Any Foot Steps To Follow In pt.2
A father that wasn't there, how can you call yourself that word? You can't love a son you were not there for. It's unacceptable that you can even call yourself a man. You're a fucking coward with nothing better to do than waste my time. You're fucking pathetic the way you walk around pretending to be a good person. When I can see you're a fucking dick who cares for no one but himself.
Track Name: You Didn't Leave Me Any Foot Steps To Follow In pt.3
It's been over a year since we've even had a conversation and it seems like you don't even care. I am your son and you are my father, I can't see how I'm not good enough.
Track Name: Stake The Snake
Take back all the favors that I have done for you. You're an ungrateful bastard, you don't deserve anything that you have. I can't believe I went out of my way to help you. You're a fucking piece of shit. I hope you fucking know that you're no friend of mine.
Track Name: "You're A Stupid Hipster Band"
How can you live with yourself? You've never taken the time to think of anything but your own selfish will. Every single fucking thing you do is just some cowardly ambition held up inside by your own empty mind with selfish thoughts. You don't deserve to stand on the same ground as anyone who's ever tried to accomplish shit in their own life. You can keep telling yourself that your life has meaning, but I can see that everything you do is meaningless. So the next time you run your mouth about the fucking things I do. Take a god damn look at your fucking reflection and see that you are nothing. Everything you do is for nothing. Every fucking thing you do is nothing.