American Depression EP

by Things Fall Apart

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released July 1, 2013

Dustin Morris
Cameron Boggs
Josh Pytka
Chris Windle
Daniel Cudney
Paul Hundeby



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Things Fall Apart Columbus, Ohio

We are an emo band from Columbus Ohio playing music that we love.

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Track Name: The Useless Being Used
You learn more and more every day that no one cares about who you are. People use you to get what they want, they only stay long enough to take advantage of all the things you do for them. No one gives a fuck. I'm sick and tired of putting everything into what I do just to feel left out.
Track Name: Autophobia ft. Paul Hundeby
I wish I could swallow my own tongue to stop all the bullshit that comes out of my month. My talk is cheap and my words are empty. My mind is lost and I'm pretty sure that I'll never find myself. I think I'm right but I know I'm wrong. But I can't help but to feel that way. All I do is bitch about the problems that I've cause myself, and that doesn't change a thing. I'm sitting alone, but maybe that's how I've always been.
Track Name: To Put (Oneself) To Death
You can’t just make a choice that was never yours to make. Your selfish plot affects more than just yourself. Think of all the things that you have been through and who was there. Can you imagine all of your loved ones looking down on you when you’re no longer there? You took your life and gained nothing. What did you gain? What did you gain?

Why are we not good enough for you? We’ve always been there just waiting for you to come to us, and now you’re gone and I can’t sleep at night, the thought of you never leaves my head. You don’t know how the life choices you’ve made, have made me who I am today. You took your life, without thinking about the people who cared the most.